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Why I Declined an Article in a Famous Magazine..

Recently, an exceptional opportunity presented itself to me. A chance to have my small "French brand," Eliane Création, featured in the prestigious French fashion magazine (with a letter G, for those who will recognize it). It is certainly a dream for many brands, yet I chose to decline this enticing offer.

Here's the story of the week:

It all began on Thursday, October 5, 2023, when I was contacted by a project manager from the publishing group. They introduced me to an exciting project: to publish a series of articles in their November 30, 2023 edition (just before the year-end holidays), highlighting "favorites" among small French brands.

The goal was to introduce them to their vast readership. This proposal had everything to make one dream:

  • A half-page in their December 2023 print edition with a focus on my brand and its history.

  • The same article featured on their website for 6 months.

  • A publication in their newsletter.

  • A "recommended" seal.

This opportunity would have been exceptional to promote my work and jewelry to nearly 1,200,000 readers every month. However, despite all this, I chose to decline the offer.

You may ask, why?

First and foremost, my philosophy encourages me to avoid making hasty decisions. I prefer to allow room for reflection and carefully considered decision-making.

There was also a budgetary aspect to consider. It is well known that such opportunities in magazines of this caliber are not free. The cost was still significant for a small business, but I could afford it, and the return on investment would undoubtedly have more than compensated for this expense.

However, a crucial aspect tilted the decision towards refusal: the conversion rate. In the world of sales, the conversion rate measures the percentage of people who see an article and decide to purchase it.

With a readership of 1,200,000 people each month, the possibilities for sales seemed numerous, even exorbitant when you start doing the math.

Let's imagine that only 0.1% of these 1,200,000 readers decide to buy one of my pieces of jewelry. This would amount to 1,200 orders per month, or about 40 per day. It may seem like a phenomenal success, but there's a key element to consider.

In reality, my conversion rate is slightly higher compared to my online and artisanal market sales, but I prefer to downplay it as I don't have data for it in the context of promotion in an external magazine and website.

Even at 0.1%, managing such a sudden surge in demand would have been a colossal challenge for my small business where I work alone, in an artisanal atmosphere where each creation is made by hand on order, far from the frenzied pace of industrial production.

Furthermore, it is imperative for me to uphold my commitments to my clients, including ensuring the adherence to the production deadlines as stated on my website.

However, despite my refusal, it is truly uplifting to see major publishing houses taking an interest in my work. It reinforces my confidence in the work I have been providing since the beginning of my business.

I also want to express my gratitude to this publishing group for their proposal and their initiative in promoting the work of artisans.

And that's the little anecdote of the week!

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