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The different grades of coins

In the numismatic field, coins are classified by quality. Ranging from a very worn quality to a quality of excellence, sought after by collectors, this classification makes it possible, depending on the other invoice, to define a value for the piece.

Here is a "brief" overview of the different qualities of coins starting from the lowest quality to a quality of excellence.

The "Pretty Good" or AB quality

The coin has circulated widely and is heavily worn, so identification may be difficult. The relief of the piece has disappeared at 90% and the legends and inscriptions are no longer legible. The piece has circulated far too much and whose only vocation is the return to the foundry (except exceptional rarity).

The "Beau" or B quality

The coin has circulated a lot and shows significant traces of wear: scratches and shock present on the edge and sides of the coin. Its relief is strongly blurred (at 75%) and certain elements have disappeared (legends, dates, waves, etc.). Coin B has to be really rare to have value.

"Très Beau" or TB quality

The coin has been passed around from hand to hand and its relief is still perfectly legible but it has faded to 50%, so that some details are no longer perfectly clear (fine lines and small inscriptions). Scratches and traces of shock are easily visible to the naked eye on this coin which has been widely circulated.

"Very Very Beautiful" or TTB quality

The coin has circulated from hand to hand but its wear remains limited: type and legends are perfectly legible and the relief of the engraving is clearly visible. With the naked eye, we can see traces of scratches or shocks.

"Superb" or SUP quality

The coin has circulated, but not enough so that its original beauty is almost preserved. The wear is very little visible and no other defect is a priori detectable except to have a magnifying glass and a particularly sharp look.

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